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mystoryyHi, my name is Ivonne and I am excited to share this blog with you so thank you for checking it out. I’ve been vegetarian for as long as I can remember.  I was only two when my mom says I began to refuse any meat she tried to feed me. It started with chicken soup; she’d try to get me to eat the chicken but failed as I was only interested in eating the vegetables that were in the soup.  This worried my mom, and convinced that there was something terribly wrong with me, she dragged me to my pediatric doctor only to be told that it was perfectly normal and just to make sure that I got my protein elsewhere.  I ate yogurt, eggs, cheese, drank my milk, but I would never go near the meat. It wasn’t until I began to grow a little older that I slowly began to remove milk, eggs, and yogurt from my diet, cheese and ice cream however was something I could not see myself ever giving up. I’ve always had great admiration for animals, and love them immensely, but to be completely honest, me being vegetarian had nothing to do with my love for animals- it was just the way I was and all I really knew. No one else in my family is vegetarian so you can imagine what breakfast, lunch, and dinner were like growing up, especially coming from a Mexican household where meat is very much loved. From a very early age I began to watch my mom and my grandma cook, taking mental notes on what to add, what to substitute, and soon enough I began to cook on my own. I no longer had to miss out on dishes that looked so delicious!

I never considered going vegan. I actually thought of veganism as an insane way of life. Everyone who spoke of it made it sound like it was something super hard and unachievable. However, a cousin of mine began to tell me about the truth behind the dairy industry and that was enough to make me cut dairy out of my diet. Not too long after I learned of Eddie Garza, a vegan Mexican chef, and checked out his cookbook. I was instantly inspired and pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transition from vegetarian to vegan. 

This blog is like my food diary. I will be posting lots and lots of authentic Mexican food recipes. One thing you should know upfront about my recipes is that I do not use any kind of tofu or meat supplement. I’ve never eaten tofu, and it’s honestly not something I intend on trying. However, you are more than welcome to incorporate tofu into these recipes. I am still learning so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any tips, advise, or feedback. If you have any questions in regards to transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, or  even just about going vegetarian, you are more than welcome to reach out to me! Thank you for following my journey!

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